Constant Ecology is a series of in-home residencies commissioned by BLINDSIDE, CAVES, KINGS Artist-Run and West Space during lockdown.

About Constant Ecology

In 2020 the various cultural, economic, environmental and global ecologies we find ourselves in are undergoing major upheavals and transformations. From the unprecedented bushfires to the global pandemic, these changes to our contingent and fragile ecology require urgent reflection and critical scrutiny. In response, four independent art organisations—BLINDSIDE, CAVES, KINGS Artist-Run and West Space—have developed Constant Ecology, a collaborative initiative that seeks to address this current moment by supporting a series of in-home residencies by artists and creatives based in Victoria.

Constant Ecology will commission eight artists to undertake a two-month, at-home residency during this period of isolation, to allow artists to think-through, unpack and creatively respond to the current ecological crisis in all of its manifestations. Each artist will be assigned a liaison who will act as a point of contact to support resident artists where appropriate. While the project is not outcomes-focused, we aim to make the lines of inquiry established by each artist accessible to a public through a range of public programs and an exhibition to take place in October - November of 2020.


Constant Ecology Organisations

KINGS Artist-Run
West Space

Constant Ecology Liaisons

︎Storm Gold and Kathryne Honey (CAVES)
︎Andy Butler and Tamsen Hopkinson (West Space)
︎Jake Treacy and Chloé Hazelwood (BLINDSIDE)
︎Jeremy Eaton and Ashley Perry (KINGS Artist-Run)