Jake Treacy and Kate Wallace discuss Kate Wallace’s at-home residency for Constant Ecology which can be listend to here

Throughout the Constant Ecology residency Kate Wallace has been creating a body of work that reflects upon the experience of isolation in an age of ecological unrest. Kate’s exploration of escapism, nostalgia and a longing for worlds distant and unknown, has begun to manifest in a series of paintings and short stories developed during lockdown.

The artwork derives from thoughts about the systemic issues of access and inequality that have been compounded by the restrictions governing our movements. These restrictions have come to define an element of loneliness and a desire to seek comfort despite the barriers to transit remaining in place.

About the Artist
Melbourne based artist Kate Wallace looks to record and translate her own experience of place and urban living through the dialogue of representational painting. Using techniques such as scale, cropping, blur, repetition, montage and detail, her works are concerned with the translation of memory and construction of past through painting. Informed by photographs taken in wait or transit, Wallace considers our shared view of the world as an intimate counterpoint to the fast and constant experience of today.

Kate completed a Master of Contemporary Art at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne in 2018, receiving the Wingate Student Fellowship Art Prize. Kate has exhibited across galleries in Melbourne, recent exhibitions including New Landscapes, Lon Gallery, Collingwood (2020), Dimensions, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Abbotsford (2020), Views To Remember, C3 Contemporary Art Space, Abbotsford (2019), Views to a room, Kings Artist Run, Melbourne (2019), Futures, Hyper Contemporary, Preston (2019), Coalescence, Linden Projects Space, St. Kilda (2019), The Museum of Platitudes and Aphorisms, Rubicon Ari, North Melbourne (2019), The “F” Word, Trocadero Art Space, Footscray (2019) and Pictures, Alternating Current Art Space, Windsor (2018). She is a recent recipient of a Career Development Grant from the Australia Council for the Arts.